Independent Project: Santa Monica College
IXD360 Product Design, Professor Richard Schuler
 2/22-4/22, Lighting Frame Concept X KOMONO 
TaskFrame came about as a way to make a stylish headlamp for craftspeople, hobbyists, mechanics, or for reading in bed. TaskFrame can be adjusted for directional or diffused light in cool to warm offwhite hues. The LED lighting system is designed to provide the exact quality of light needed without being too harsh. Currently, I am working on a new iteration for Spring 2023, hoping to position a working prototype of TaskFrame as a kind of lighting Swiss Army knife.
To position the concept for a wide array of clients, I reinterpreted a popular frame by the Belgian global brand, KOMONO. The Romeo, is a classic style with references to the past and reflective of Antwerp cool. As an interface designer, I think the look and feel of wearables should be inspired by nature and history as much as the future.  

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